Firepots overpowered?

  • Hello there, What I figured out is that it doesnt matter with which class, you cant dodge a firepot since it’s that easy to aim/throw. Well its ok to get it around shields, that’s what it is used to do, but please give players without a shield something like kicking it away, or catching it.
    Because so far as example: Knight vs MAA with firepot, MAA throws Firepot at knight(with no chance of block or dodge - HP getting lowered to or beneath 50%, the MAA has to hit the knight only 2 Times to actually kill him but beeing faster than the knight. So the firepot takes away the Knight’s advantage of a lot armor and health, but the ability of a Man at arms to dodge stays resulting in an unbalanced situation because you can be sure that 90% of all Firepots ignite their target, so its unbalanced against knight in 90% of all Combat situations.
    So I’d suggest Either way to reduce the Firepotdamage or increase difficulty in aiming with it, or some way to kick the firepot away(it could also break when kicking, but ignites only a part of the body with reduced damage :P or catching it(only working if you dont wear a shield or something).

    what do you say about that?

  • well this sounds interesting… noticed that too today :/

  • I don’t think they need to be nerfed, because fire, after all, is very deadly, and second, firepots are the only thing that can stop a good knight.

  • You have no way to avoid throwing knives, either, and you get 4 of them. I think firepots are in a good place in terms of burn damage now, but they’re still pretty weak for their intended purposes (giving MaA a tool for disrupting groups of enemies and area denial).

    Perhaps if the area were increased for both the fire explosion and the ground-burn, but the direct hit burn duration was changed to be based on how close you are to the initial explosion. A direct firepot hit would be slightly stronger than it is currently, but being at the very edge of the explosion would only ignite you for a couple seconds. So you can lay a larger carpet of fire and ignite more players if they’re clustered up, but they’re far less effective if you just barely clip a single player at the edge of the explosion.

  • I like the tweak ideas above. I don’t feel fire pots are ever a hazard to me, even as someone who mostly plays Vanguard. You only get one pot as an MaA. If you’re relying on pots to kill your opponents you might come up a bit short! As for the knight that takes a firepot to the face, well, that sucks for him! Life is tough!

    Ability to kick away pots? No, for the reason that they are made from fragile clays and would break upon impact with any kind of boot. Unless you want them then to do less damage, then maybe I could live with that. Perhaps ability to intercept them with your weapon? But it would have to be extremely hard to pull off. Sort of a trick shot.

  • I personally don’t feel they’re too bad at all now.

    The MAA only gets one of them, so if it “takes away the Knight’s advantage”, well isn’t that one of their main uses? I don’t see the problem there, specially as the MAA either has to die or reload at a box after it has been used.

    Also I’m as terrible at throwing in games as I am in real life, so I usually miss still heh. Also can’t a shield block them?

    Before one of the patches I felt they were a bit OP as one of the guys (may have been Sophax, can’t remember), LOVED just throwing one at me and running, reloading and doing the same heh. However that was when they set you fully on fire just for straying near the area effect on the floor. Now they only set you fully on fire if you get hit with the initial explosion, I don’t think its too bad at all.

    I actually feel they should be buffed a tad, with the screen being a bit more obscured when you’re on fire, similar to when you’re almost dying (rather than just the red tinges at the edges), and that the ground area effect should last a tad longer for area denial. I’d also like it if they worked for “set x on fire” objectives.

    Of course if they then become too OP, the hit damage could be scaled down a tad, but I think they’re fine as they are atm, especially as you have to give up a shield to use them.

  • I have never really seen them as overpowered, you only get one of them and killing with them is a lot harder then it is with throwing knifes, if anything I’d say they are slightly underpowered but really they are not even that they are just right.

  • Firepots are fine in my estimation. Smoke pots need to be buffed.

  • Metal armor… burns? Lol.

    (Most armor has a padded inner layer which is flammable).

    I would like to see the duration of the pots upped a few seconds but overall it’s purpose is served as it. I would also like that they be less effective in the rain and more effective with thrown in fields. Probably won’t happen. I haven’t tested if you can throw them into a water stream and they still work.

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