Allow an option to the bodies don't disappear

  • Hello, I am a fanatic about first person games, specially Mediavel!
    I don’t know if allready anyone asked this, but I would like to the bodies dont disappear, it would make the game more realistic. I should be an option!

    Thank you.

  • I agree this could be an option. Though I think they are ragdolls which consume cpu time if you accumulate hundreds of them, but with modern PCs that is not much of an issue. You should be able to have more than enough for an entire elimination round with 64 players, for example. I am not sure if the limit is time or numbers based (suspect the latter, though haven’t tested). Imagine standing atop a field of 63 other bodies and being the victor!

  • Indeed, thats why it should be an option, I am really crazy about that details, the body disapearing ruins part of the reality of the game! (sorry for bad english, It’s not my mother language) So, why hope they consider this option!

    Thank you!

  • This is already planned :)

  • really? That is just great! Can’t wait for it :)

  • Nice ! Will be great continue beating on bodies ! xD

    Abraços! mais um Portugues na comunidade ! :D

  • That will be just a dream come true, awesome!

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