The How To with Daggers?

  • I was wondering if someone could give me a few pointers on daggers. Almost have my archer veteran and would love to have some feed back !

    Does the.back stab bonus play a huge role?

    When have you used it?

  • Spam. Spam is the key to daggers. I’m serious, don’t try fighting scientifically, just circle strafe your opponent and repeatedly stab them. They’re so fast that its often difficult for opponents to react, and most will react poorly. The only possible way to beat a dagger-wielder who has their teeth in to you with a slow weapon is to block then kick.

  • If you’re dedicated to the idea of using a dagger, only use the thrusting dagger, and only thrust with it (obviously). Ultimately you’re better off with the shortsword or cudgel, however. You can kill non-knight classes with two stabs to the face with the shortsword, and the cudgel drops anyone in three hits including knights which none of the other archer melee weapons can do. Range is far superior on all of the non-dagger melee as well.

    So ultimately it comes down to speed - the thrust dagger stab windup is only .1 second shorter than any of the windups of the cudgel/shortsword, and it has roughly the same combo speed (not that you’ll ever be comboing with it, due to the inability to combo two stabs together). The release is slightly quicker, but this can be a bad thing as well, due to the small hit trace of the weapon - a quick release gives you less time to alter your swing, requiring more precision. The recovery is also for whatever reason slightly longer.

    So in the end, any actual slight speed advantage to using a dagger is entirely negated by the extra time it takes you to get in range. There’s also the fact that daggers lose even more stamina when parrying large weapons - it’s something like 1/4 of your total stamina for parrying a maul with a shortsword, and 1/3 with a dagger. And then you’re also knocked backwards when parrying, further agitating the range disadvantage.

    I’m not even going to discuss the other daggers because they not only do lower damage than the thrusting dagger, they also primarily deal damage via slashing, meaning it can take you upwards of 7 or 8 hits to kill a Knight - it’s already an uphill dagger trying to drop a knight in 4 hits with the thrust dagger since you need a couple headshots.

  • Can the 50% back stab be effectively used?

    Does it require a thrust attack to activate?



  • The backstab damage only applies if you play as an archer and attack the opponent from behind.

    And yes, as said before, spamming is the key to fighting with a dagger(funnily enough).

    Just go up into your opponent’s face and spam that button like a maniac!
    The dagger will also ignore parry attempts or shields, and you can end up stunlocking the poor sod to death without even giving him a single chance to fight back!

    The problem is getting in range, but if you can manage that, as well as a repeated session of stabs, then the fight is yours.

  • i use peirce dagger all the time, its alot of fun. some generall tips. your swing is fast enough to swing after a weapon wind up and hit if your quick enough, you can prevent knghts from attacking with flinch.

    learn to run around your enemy instead of back peddling, you can get back stabs off often in melee combat as most players dotn deal with offencive characters well.

    learn other weapon ranges, knights and vanguards are easy to side step, back step the swings and run in for a quick stab.

    never slash, never use anything but the thrust dagger, the other 2 slash dmg is negated by more.

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  • @ZorisX:

    Can the 50% back stab be effectively used?

    Does it require a thrust attack to activate?



    Backstab works for all melee damage from any kind of weapon.

    It is extremely effective when you’re playing archer properly; i.e. fulfilling your role as support. You should always be near your team, and when they’re engaged in melee near you, you should switch to melee and try to smack the enemy in the back of the skull while he’s distracted, rather than risking missing/hitting your teammate with arrows.

    Backstab bonus is extremely potent. It turns the cudgel into a 2 hit kill against knights - which is something that only knight weapons and the most powerful vanguard weapons are capable of - and a shortsword stab to the head will do 75% to a vanguard and slightly more to MaA and archers, meaning pretty much any attack will kill them afterwards.

    But again, daggers? Not so much. Not to mention it’s much harder to get that backstab off with a dagger because you’ll probably put yourself in range to be hit by your ally as he slashes/stabs through the other guy.

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