Smoke Pot buff

  • Relative to the other tools available for this slot, the smoke pot seems rather underwhelming.

    Sure, it obscures vision a bit, for a short while. But when measured against comparative options, it’s probably the weakest choice.

    Shields allow for significantly more blocking, and can be used to shield bash.
    Fire pots cause a healthy amount of AoE damage.
    Throwing weapons are generally rather deadly when used well.

    I’m thinking the smoke pot should cause some kind of fatigue or something within its effective radius. Coughing, loss of stamina, maybe prevents sprinting even.

  • I think they could remove it for good. I’ve never seen anyone use it effectively, or barely at all. It’s kind of useless, really. Smoke grenades are not very popular in even modern military games that are completely based on shooting. You don’t need smoke in a swordfight. To block archers, yes, but nobody has the time. Easier to hack those little archer heads off.

  • how about the solution quite a few shooters have done, you get multiple smoke pods where you would only get 1 fire pod?

  • For the vanguard especially blocking vision is more counter-productive. Unlike the knight you can’t rush into melee, but you have to pick your targets and keep distance. Not seeing far is very bad for that.

    You maybe want to use it with a 2-hander or if archers really piss you off (in which case you throw it at the archer, nowhere else, you you have to come that close first, the only situation that I can think of is in stonehill in the second phase, where some archers hide in the wall holes), but with polearms and spears, no way.

    Edit: You can maybe switch to it on the last stage of darkforest, and thro it when the team turtels at the last peasants to sneak around them and win the game.

    I propose that you can throw it farer and that it lasts longer to make it more useful.

  • I clicked this thinking it was about marijuana… I was thinking “wtf?”

  • In a clan war, I’d have to say that I’ve found the Smoke pot VERY useful, I used it to fight down three opponents all alone, because they were trying to defend a point and I threw a smoke pot at that place, their view was abstructed, so I went in with slash spam and caught them all off-guard, walked out from the smoke alive. Besides the smoke can be used IF you need to buy time in clanwars, which you need to! You guys should get bit more experience before you start expressing it, mindless public playing won’t give the smokepot its true purpose ;D but for clans they do. Rarely see any firepots in chivalry too, but in clanwars you see them quite often, so you suggest that we remove everything that is useless in public servers?

  • So because one time you came across a number of people clumped up together who then proceeded to stand inside the smoke after you threw it, letting you LMB spam them to death, the smoke pot is fine? Really? That’s your argument? Lol.

    Also, I always see fire pots in pretty much every game.

  • They just need to last longer and have a slightly larger radius.

  • @Slaughtervomit:

    I clicked this thinking it was about marijuana… I was thinking “wtf?”

    Exactly what I thought lol

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