Achievement Awarded Name Titles

  • I recently found out about PVKII’s name titles, a system that allows you to add a title/suffix to your player name, such as “[insertplayernamehere] The Heroic”, “The Cold-Blooded”, “The Parrot Slayer”, etc… Each title/suffix is unlocked when a certain achievement is achieved, such as pushing someone off a cliff and such. The list of titles you can choose from gets bigger with each achievement unlocked.

    I think this would be a really cool system in Medieval Warfare. This way players can boast their skill by having an awesome title added to their player name. Here are some possible titles I can think of:

    Decap 10 heads in one life: “The Executioner”
    Kill an enemy from 100ft: “The Marksman”
    Run a total of 10 miles (accumulative): “The Swift”
    Save 10 low health teammates in one life: “The Guardian”
    Burn 10 people to death in one life: “The Blaze”

  • Agreed, it’s a cool thing. You got my voice…but i am noone here ;)

  • Fluff.

    I can’t fault your idea its used in alot of games and alot of players like it niether can I think of any reasons why it shouldn’t be added to the game.

    The only thing I dislike about said titles is that they are often easy to get and become as meaningless as just adding “The Best Player Ever” to your steamname.


  • Developer

    It is something we’ve thought about and may include. We’re a bit touchy about letting you see your enemies names when your crosshair is on them though as this can really hamper player’s ability to sneak and ambush. Would titles be worth it if only your team could see your name outside of the scoreboard?

  • I think the titles should only be seen in the scoreboard (I mean the list of players when you press tab or whatnot), not in the kill list (top right in AoC) or chat. The titles should be really hard to achieve, requiring 12+ players on a server so a player can’t just create a private game with a friend and gain achievements.

    Don’t include player names when the crosshair is on them! I really want Medieval Combat to have the least UI possible, not that I have any say in that though! :P

  • Medieval sneakage!!! I’m down for that.

  • Well how about a compromise and allow the titles to be linked to a special player hub where it is possible for other players to see all your stats. For example time spent playing “x” etc etc your title and list of other statistics that people can view ingame. Was not a similar idea floating about for cr3 or whatever it was being called at the time.

    Even if its enabled so that only your team can see your title, I would want feature to disable it. I can imagine it would become rather annoying trying to see who is who if every player is “Awesome slayer player name”.

  • I’m with Sir Doyle. I’d like titles to be included, but it would suffice for them to be viewable on a personal stats page. That said, I don’t know how excited about the idea I am any more.

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