Flinching still broken.

  • Hi, I did a quick search of the forum before posting this but didn’t find anything specifically (or in a clear manner) addressing this issue.

    Since the patch, the number of times someone has gotten a free hit on me due to lack of flinch has decreased significantly, but not completely disappeared.

    I’m fairly sure the problem comes in to play still when you hit someone who is just finishing off an animation (not idle, but hittable). For example, as MaA, if I see someone trying to swing and time my attack perfectly so I hit them as soon as their blade passes me, they still get the option to combo and hit back before I have time to do anything about it. Why? Because I hit them during the first swing attack, not in the combo windup.

    There needs to be a minimum delay between being hit and initiating the next attack. I shouldn’t have to deliberately delay my attack to hit during the wind-up to the next attack, and It’s impossible to predict that anyway.

    I’m not even sure if I’m right on the cause of this, but people, usually spammers, are definitely still getting free, unblockable hits on me.

  • Yeah, this still needs some work. You hit the nail on the head with the problem - idle flinch is too true to its name. You literally only flinch when idle (in addition to normal windup flinch). You don’t flinch when recovering from an attack or a parry, or when deflected. I’m not entirely sure, but I think being hit while dodging or jumping also negates idle flinch.

  • Yeah, sometimes I’ll hit people after their first swing and they just continue their combo like nothing happened. I dunno why this is because every time I get hit, my combo is interrupted.

  • Sprinting, Dodging, Jumping do not count as idle states.

    vanguard cannot get flinched if you hit him mid sprint attack. He gets a free attack after it, I think that’s OK though.

  • Just played a few matches, and a Knight with a tower shield would not flinch no matter what I did to him. 2h last tier maul, 1h second tier spiked mace, kicking… whether it was a straight hit or a block… nothing flinched him. This is getting absurd, and honestly it’s beginning to diminish how enjoyable the game is.

    This whole nonsense with states is just that, nonsense. If you get hit, you should flinch. It doesn’t need to be difficult or complex.

    Also, as I was using my 2h third tier maul, I was noticing how people just easily seemed to run through it when I hit them if they were in mid-swing. They’d still get hit and take damage, but they’d also end up hugging my back because they passed right through my weapon, which is equally absurd. I suspect this is tied to the lack of flinching as well.

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