Shacknews tournament and a message to the developers

  • Hey guys, I thought you would like hearing this story.

    A few weeks ago myself and a couple of other shacknews forum members decided we were going to run a dueling tournament. I only play duels myself and thought it was a good enough idea to set up official brackets and all that stuff. I donated $100.00 steam dollars so the tournament would be more intense. Another shacker donated $100.00 as well so there’s now $200.00 in steam dollars up for grabs. It’s a really cool gaming community.

    The turnout has been amazing! In the past few weeks shackers are buying up this game as quickly as they can. We have nightly practices on our server. And the tournament is well under way. Here is a look at the live brackets.

    We’re actually running two tournaments. One for people level 10 and below and one for everybody. Challonge has been a fantastic site, by the way, and I would recommend it to anybody doing something similar to this.

    To the developers, I have seen you guys ask quite a few times about community feedback and success stories in regard to spreading the word. Shacknews is a very active gaming community and we are most definitely doing so. We already have a new tournament coming up after this one finishes. Figured you guys might find that interesting.

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