Is there a server setting to auto-kick high ping?

  • There should be, honestly after 130 ping both players are hoping and dreaming and at 300 ping it’s just a matter of where the dude feels like teleporting.
    And if there is, why don’t any servers utilize it?

  • There is a max ping setting in the server config but it doesn’t work. I have noticed that many players will just hop on a server and not take ping into consideration. So what ends up happening is that one or two players with high pings any where from 175+ to mostly 350+ join a server then everyone elses ping climb to match it.

    I end up spending much of the game informing players their pings are too high to play on our servers then I end up kicking them. If you admin a server you know that this is a very time consuming pain in the ass as the in game admin system sucks balls. Then if they keep coming back I have to actually ban them. I am getting to the point were I am just going to start banning all the high pingers so that the only ones left that can join are the low pings.

    So please DEVS figure out why the MaxPing setting doesn’t work and fix it!

  • Will be added in the future.

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