Dodge Animations

  • I think these are required.
    Without them, some could simply complain about lag, seeing their oponant teleport toward or away from them.

  • The dodges you see in the videos are completely different to the dodges we have now. They have gone through I think 4 or 5 polish iterations since the last videos and do not look like ‘teleporting’ whatsoever now. A lot of other animations have been polished and polishing is still going on. We understand a lot of people see the animations as poor but it’s impossible to get every single one perfect during an alpha when there are many to do.

  • Oh alright then. Sounds good :)

  • Just thought I would chime in.
    For those who dont know. Armored soldiers (knights werent the only plate wearers) of yor were, in fact, NOT cumbersom sloths. Wearing proper armor myself, i can attest to this first hand account from the medieval period that I shall loosely quote.
    A writer around the 15th century wrote upon watching some french knights train was astonished that they could, in full armor, do acrobatic tricks.
    He saw them doing backflips, summersaults, and many other ‘tricks’.
    What separated a Knight from a Man-at-arms?
    Money and titleage.
    The men-at-arms selected for service were trained to be lethal killers with ALL weapons.
    Meaning that they could use any weapon on the field with brutal efficiency.
    So, all that ot crap aside.
    I think that rolls/backflips/etc. are perfectly acceptable for ALL classes in the game.
    I would like to think maybe oneday we could see these in Chivalry?

  • i doubt you’ll be seeing parkour in chivalry anytime soon, but you will be seeing dodging

  • I prefer my enemy to get the upperhand and I can’t do anthing. :jrazz:
    I never have liked the dodge, even in hit games like Assassins Creed.


    how about cartwheel animations for dodging! :jlaff:
    Haha no… I look forward to seeing the new animation though.

  • Dodging was (almost) perfect in Blade of darkness…alas, fight was awesome there, with momentum - shit, whole bunch of combinations…but unfortunately lacks blocking if one have no shield in multiplayer. But it had completely different game mechanics.

    you can see some dodging at 2:00 here:

    it may be not so effective to see, but believe me it is effective when using :)

  • That game looks awesome yush. Thanks for linking it, a friend of mine said it was a great game.

  • Believe me, it has great music and atmosphere, plus awesome melee fighting, never seen in other games. It is my all time favourite, i haven’t found anything like this yet. And its graphic is still nice imho.
    You can easily find this on piratebay (i have searched for it on ebay and so, but its rather unreachable via legal ways) :(

    And it has enjoyable arena - multi :))

  • I think Lancebringer has got the right idea. Maybe some rolls could be implemented aside from the usual sidesteps and backsteps. Alseo, you guys should check out this video:

  • I’d say a sort of lean dodge would be better as long as the hit detection is accurate. E.g with a control scheme where it is based on the movement keys, so pressing s in combination with maybe alt will make the player lean backwards.

  • I think that just having one dodge button would be sufficient enough, rather than making players reach for a variety of different keys or key combinations. By time a sword is swung, and the player tries to dodge, he would get hit.

    If anybody has played Colosseum: Road to Freedom, there is a dodge function, so when the enemy swings at you, you dodge according to the attack.
    If they swing at upper body from a medium distance, you step back, or lean back, if you are close and attacked, you duck out of the way.
    If you are stabbed or someone overheads you, you step to the side.
    If your legs are attacked at long distance, you jump, medium distance your front leg, close distance you jump or move aside.

    However in Colosseum: Road to Freedom, the player gained stamina/adrenaline, and crowd favour when dodging over and over again, so you could stand there and dodge attacks all day long and wear your opponent out while becoming kick arse essentially.

    This type of dodge system with a stamina loss would work, but the player would be able to gain stamina back when he counter attacks.
    The dodge would not always be successful either. Dodge too early and you risk being hit anyway, dodge too late and you risk being hit, dodge at the right time, and you can counter attack, or give yourself some distance.

    And the best part is that it is all at the press of one button.

    The side stepping, back stepping, lunging etc could still be implemented too by double tapping a movement key.

  • We cant have the game be TOO complicated at release ;)

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