Server disappear

  • I got an annoying problem logging into the game. I can get into games and play and everything is fine.

    But about half of the times, I’m getting no answer from the server. And if I go back to the Server page, I get no more servers. The same can happen, if I leave a game and get back to the Server page

    After leaving the game, the strange thing is, even my Browser won’t work. I have to quit Steam and wait shortly, before everything works again. So it seems more of a Steam-Problem?

    Anyway, I have disabled all my Antiviral-Programs, I tried deleting the sub= stuff and I updated my Steam-Account to Beta.

    Any ideas guys?

    P.S.: Please excuse any wrong written words, English is not my mother language.

  • I have this same problem. The only thing I have found to work is restarting the game. A better solution would be much appreciated.

  • If you change any of the filters in the server browser, does it refresh the server list?

  • No, and If I see any servers and change a filter they will disappear and just not come back (Until I restart the game.)

  • Are your computer’s network drivers up to date? I wonder if it is getting flooded with packets and doesn’t know what to do with them…

  • Just updated it, will see if that helps.

    I still only seem to be having similar problems, but I found if i wait 5-10min and hit refresh I get the list again.

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