Speed Hackers

  • This game is going to be ruined by speed hacks. I would suggest making this high priority on the change list

  • are speed hacks a problem? I’ve never seen anybody using hacks.

  • I’ve seen a few players that seem to be speed-hacking.

    There was an archer that seemed to be moving at double normal speed and fired arrows like a machine gun. He was vote-kicked from the game because the general consensus was that he was hacking. His only comment was “Why is my own team also voting against me?” which seems like something of a confession to me.

    I also ran into a Vanguard that was also moving really fast and was swinging a Zweihander constantly. It seemed like he was attacking so fast that the animations weren’t correct; he was essentially a whirlwind of unpredictable death. Blocking an attack of his lead to being hit again before being able to counter-attack. He responded “wtf?” to a kick vote, and his friend in chat told everyone to vote against it, so he didn’t get kicked. I’m still pretty sure he was hacking.

    So, yeah, hacks are occasionally a problem for me, and it can be hard to distinguish hackers from laggy players sometimes. It’s unfortunate.

  • Mine was a very similar experience, and it was the reason for the post.

  • I’ve neer seen a hacker in well over 100 hours of play, but then again I only play official servers, or duel servers which are strictly regulated

  • Never seen one either.

  • I get called for speedhacking and various other hacks all the time, grain of salt.

  • In 150 hours I have only seen one and it was pretty blatant, archer with a cudgel that killed me as a knight with full health before my first swing completed. He got votekicked pretty quickly.

  • I’m sitting around 80 hours of play. I’ve seen 1 speed hacker. It was in an official server mind you… so I don’t see how that effects anything. Kind of a funny story. Playing LTS. I was MaA and I had a knight on my side and there was only a Xbow guy. We rush his position and he takes out the knight with a headshot, I go in for the swing while he’s reloading and he suddenly gets out of the reload animation and flies about 100 feet away in the span of one second. Being a cs veteran, I’ve seen a lot of speedhackers in my day, so without hesitation I whip open the console and start a votekick. Then suddenly: THE CHASE IS ON! I’m just running… and dodging left, right, up, down… trying to be unpredictable. He’s frantically trying to kill me within the 30 second votekick time all the while everyone in the server with a MIC is yelling “RRRRRUUUUUUNNNN, HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!” and “JUST A FEW SECONDS MORE. HANG IN THERE!”

    hahaha. I managed to survive and win the round.

  • I’ve seen at least a dozen speedhackers in 130h of play, but they were never a problem, because they were always kicked within a few minutes of joining. As a matter of fact, some gave me a nice chuckle.

    The boring speedhackers usually choose a weapon with a wide swing arc, like the bardiche or zweihander, and run twice as fast as everyone else, swinging with the speed of a norse sword. This is so obvious that it’s not a problem. However, if the guy is around 200-400 ping, you’ll see some mild teleporting and laggy swing times, which resembles speedhacking a bit. Just check the ping of the supposed speedhacker and you’ll be able to determine pretty quick if your suspect is hacking or simply a foreinger torrenting too much porn.

    However, I’ve seen a couple of fun speedhackers that only did it as a joke. A few days after release, I kid you not, I saw a knight killing my entire team using only his fists. Being that I was still new back then, I couldn’t understand how this guy landed 5 punches on people within the same second. He was punching so fast that he looked like Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, running at an inhuman speed throwing knights around like ragdolls. After trying to do the same thing myself, I realized that it wasn’t possible without cheating, then called a kickvote. Problem solved.

    Speedhacking isn’t subtle like autoblock or wallhack, so you’ll never have a hard time convincing people to kick speedhackers.

  • Finally saw one. Just spamming fists, hitting like 4 times per animation. His team wouldn’t kick him so I just left.

  • I will admit that the kick system has been working well; I’ve seen people use pretty good judgment - that is, not just protecting someone because they’re on their team.

    However, I’ve seen a steady increase in the number of servers and players, and that always invites more hacking.

    I don’t agree that hackers get bored; imagine the mentality that leads to hacking in the first place.

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