Bind a key to display a message

  • In stock Unreal 3, you can add a command to your config to echo a saved message to chat, e.g.:

    Bindings=(Name="K",Command="Say Hello")
    ``` pressing the 'K' key will make "BrothelBlade: Hello" appear in chat.
    But this doesn't seem to work in Chivalry. Is there an alternative command/a way to achieve the same thing?
    I appreciate that it's ripe for abuse (always has been) but it does make life a lot easier if you can have a few useful messages stored up for new players, especially if you're running/playing on a server that has custom rules.
    In the olden days of Quake/Unreal/Halflife, it was normal to have an entire bank of saved messages for CTF and another of help texts if you were playing a mod.
    Going off-topic in the first post, but it would also be nice if one of the stock messages (the menu bound to Z by default) was "Stay together!"

  • Well there are voice commands that do that, but those won’t reach people who can’t hear your character :(

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