Post update archer bug

  • If I play a crossbow archer my computer lags out ever other arrow. So let me explain. I can play for hours on any other class. Once I switch to crossbow after my first shot every thing lags out. The reload, other players moving around, if I die during that reload (it happens a lot when you’re lagged out) my next spawn is lagged out too. The lag goes away as soon I begin to load the next arrow. I upgraded my bios, video drives, windows update, Steam, and anything else you can think of. This lagging happens if I am on a full server, empty server, and if I am in training. The computer is not running hot and other 3d games function perfectly. This lag does not happen if I am using a bow (not a crossbow) or if I am using javelins. So it looks like it is only a crossbow bug and it has nothing to do with my computer or the other classes.

    Lag starts as I reload the crossbow and wait to fire it. After I fire the bolt the lag continues. Only after I press R to reload does the lag just “poof” go away.

    Love the game btw!

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