Please help my daughter Laura with a year's tuition fees.

  • My daughter Laura is trying to win a national UK competition to design a Renault Twizy. Could you please help to promote Laura’s design by clicking on the LIKE button next to the car on this Renault page. She is currently in 2nd place and needs your suppport.

    1st prize is a years tuition fees which would help to pay for the graphic design course she is currently on. The competition ends on Friday.


    Please help. Cheers. Harry. (aka Keeshna - mapper with old AOC)

  • Voted gl.

  • Developer


  • I’m sorry, but I’m going to be ‘that guy’ here. I’ve been wanting to say these since I first saw this kind of thing on the internet. I’m going to go on a bit of a rant here.

    Everytime I see posts like this, I cringe a little. It’s because it’s things like these that completely screw up voting systems. People (or companies) make voting systems and competitions to ensure whatever is best ends up on top. Then there come these people that try as hard as they can to win by asking their (internet-)friends to blindly vote for them or by trading votes (like4like, sub4sub etc, or the more popular youtubers’ constant “PLEEZ SUBSCRIBE LIKE FAVORITE COMMENT” spamming), in other words, trying to get votes regardless of the quality of their content.

    This turns it from a contest in quality to a contest in popularity, where the person who is able to advertise their design and reach the most people with their ‘like-whoring’ will win instead of the best designer.

    This is just one aspect of human behaviour that pisses me off. Competition system that ensures quality? LET’S TRY TO BREAK IT AS HARD AS WE CAN.

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