Will your copy of Chivalry not start? Try this.

  • Okay,
    I’ve noticed that a lot of people’s game are crashing. I tried a solution from another thread and it solved the issue for me, so hopefully it works for you too.

    Close STEAM!

    Open your Local Disc (c:)
    Follow to : Program Files(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/Common/chivalrymodernwarfare/binaries

    Okay, from here do the following:
    Open RedistChiv Folder.
    Run both vcredist_x64 and vcredist_x86 Application Files.
    Both will take about a minute to install.

    Then open:
    DXRedistCutdown Folder

    Run DXSETUP application file in this folder.

    Open Steam,
    Run Game.

  • Bump for newcomers. Mods, is it possible to sticky this so people can find it quickly? The “Read First” thread in Announcements has an incorrect link to the fix on this (see link at the bottom of that thread).

  • Developer

    Fixed. You may need to restart Steam.

  • This hasn’t worked for me and it says I’ve a problem with a .dll file.

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