Dmg scaling based on windup/wind down.

  • I don’t agree with any attack other than the stab doing a fixed amount of dmg based on when you get hit. I’ve been killed by a backswing and startup swing of a slash many MANY times as a MAA player.All of the weight of an attack is at the mid to wind down. Being clipped at the end of someone’s attack (a la the wind down) for full dmg isn’t what I recommend either. You should be timing your attacks not only so that they hit, but that they hit dealing out the most damage. Idk how hard it is to program, but it’s frustrating to see people spam the wide attack knowing full well whenever it hits something, it will do a fixed amount of dmg based on where they hit someone. It’s doesn’t make any sense while comboing either since you have to slow down your attack to follow up with another slash.

    Basically, I believe dmg should be scaled back when you clip someone on the windup or starting swing and the end point. This will help everyone, but especially those using short range weapons. If I’m in your face stabbing you and you clip me with a windup for 100% dmg on any kind of weapon, you shouldn’t be rewarded as much for someone that actually zoned and timed their attack. Likewise, this will encourage players to zone and time better rather than spam. I don’t mind spam at all, play your way. Reward skilled gameplay to encourage skilled gameplay. Furthermore, this is a relative nuff to long reaching weapons as this is more common place for them to score easy kills in Free 4 all.

  • I was thinking kind of same thing awhile back.
    It Would add more depth to an already complex/deep/good melee system.

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