[BUG] Weapons are no longer unlocking

  • It appears on the Kila server, weapons are no longer unlocking. I have had several complaints about it and kind of wrote it off till I was trying to unlock the last gay assed xbow. After making about 8 kills I looked and there was no reduction in the number to unlock. I played several maps and the same thing, made kills and the unlock number was still the same. If this is server side let me know the cvar so I can fix it. If not and this is spread across all servers, people are going to be pissed for not being able to unlock any more weapons.

  • Were there at least 8 people? YOU NEED 8 OF THOSE!


  • Are you saying kills don’t count for weapon unlocking unless there are 8 people on the server? Do bots count, if you are on a single player game? I’ve also heard they count on some servers and not others.

    I’ve seen this complaint crop up a lot of places with varied answers. I think it warrants an official explanation of how it works in the “Known Issues and their Fixes” fixes. Or if it doesn’t count as a “issue” their ought to be a similar topic for common user problems that aren’t “issues”.

    It also might be nice if the game gave you an indication of whether you were in a game where kills counted because it’s really frustrating to invest a bunch of time thinking you are going to make weapon progress only to find you got nowhere.

  • What’s the server name (or IP:Port) so I can go into the server and take a look?

  • No, the number of players are irrelevant, it was the number of kills I got and nothing changed playing xbow. Right after the patch it was unlocking weapons with bots then it stopped unlocking them all together.

    Kila Thunderdome |Chicago| but in the INI I have the port 7787 so it would show up

  • Strange. The next time that happens to you on your server, login as admin and type showdebug in the console and note what it says in the top left.

  • well since I have had to restart the server many times since I first noticed the issue, now that I have gone in with the debug and been testing, it is back to working again…. weird…


    This damn bug still happens. In fact not only do weapons block but kills don’t progress toward the unlock phase of a weapon. I think this bug needs priority #1. Out of every bug I’ve found so far this is by far the most aggravating of them all.

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