Future Game Development Ideas

  • I know for one thing this game is onto something new, fresh and exciting and the development of the game could be endless with map possibilities. I’ve been thinking lately and think a kind of Defend the Castle style were hordes of computer players attack the castle would be quite cool using ladders, catapults and other tools to gain access. The reason behind the cpu would be you could play co-op with your friends or strangers and fight much larger numbers in controlled waves similar to a real castle siege represented in many war films such as the obvious Helms Deep and Gondor sieges from LOTR. Meaning having 30 players shooting arrows down at twice the number of attacking computer players would be incredibly fun. Standing behind a gate as it is knocked down and having a wall of enemies run at you and your friends by your sides, would be awesome and planning the tactics to get through such an ordeal would be challenging and rewarding in the end. Feel free to post any future ideas you have for this awesome game be great to hear them!

  • I loved doing that in Mount and Blade, but it would be way better in Chivalry. The bots’ AI does need a little work though; the bots need to block more for one thing.

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