Chivalry for Mac

  • Hi there,

    I’m a mac user and am hoping with the support of the community we could convince the developers to make a mac client of this AWESOME game. I know there’s a lot of hate/love going around for macs, but it’s the computer that I have for the time being and just like many other people I just really want to play this game. I’m not asking any of you to put your opinions on why you think macs are good or bad, I just am hoping to get a lot of people to view / comment this page so the developers see there are people who want a mac version.

    This post is meant to be unbiased so lets keep it that way :)

    So if you want to help us mac users out, or have a mac of your own, bump this post so we mac users can start hacking and slashing as well. Did I meantion this game looks freaking sick?!!?

    haha keep it clean guys (^-^)b

    -The Grizzly B

    *edit: (hey pc players, if a mac client is made then there will be more players online!

  • Yea…. no. 8-)


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