Looking for a professional team to work with

  • I’m currently working on getting my degree in Interactive Simulation and Game Design with a focus on the artistic side of things, as opposed to the programming side of things.

    I have a couple of years experience with UDK, and am also a fairly experienced modeler–I’ve been modeling longer than I’ve been level designing. I actually have a team project in beta as we speak which should be wrapped up by Jan/Feb.

    I’m looking for more portfolio quality work to invest in, and though I think it’s a bit premature to make any big plans regarding modding for this game, considering we have no idea what the SDK will be like, beyond UDK being it’s base, I would still be interested in modding for this game so long as there’s a good team out there to work with. UDK is far too robust for one person to handle everything.

    My own deficiencies are in the departments of animation and UnrealScript, however I know what I’m doing when it comes to the material editor, modeling/texturing, kismet, matinee, general level design, volumes, and to a lesser extent, the sound editor and particle system.

    I’ve been using Softimage for most of my modeling projects lately, though I am thinking about giving Modo a try as I’ve been hearing and seeing some good things about it. I’m also becoming more familiar with zBrush, though the software is fairly new to me.

    I generally don’t like to get into high concept without first having a team assembled, but I am particularly interested in generating some Warhammer themed content for this game (not 40k, classic Warhammer reference Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning).

    I prefer to use SourceForge via Tortoise SVN for any sort of group project like this, just because it’s efficient.

    So if there’s any like-minded folks or teams out there who have a fair bit of experience and are looking for more than just a bit of hobby work, I may very well be interested, feel free to PM me.

  • Awesome! Would you ever be willing to take small contracts for individual art pieces here and there? I’m a programmer by education ;)

  • @ReMixx:

    Awesome! Would you ever be willing to take small contracts for individual art pieces here and there? I’m a programmer by education ;)

    I might be available to produce some UDK-ready models if my plate isn’t too full already, if that’s what you mean. Just depends on my schedule, but modeling is usually the easy part :p

  • Do you have any specific Warhammer Age of Reckoning concept art you like? I’m just curious because I love 40k stuff but I’m also intertwined with medieval art. And this looks interesting from a quick search.

    And good luck to whatever adventures await you, I would love to see what you create :P!

    Also I propose someone start a Chivalry Modding Group, it would be nice to have fast communication with those who share a common interest on Steam! :)

    Anyways if you or anyone (lol) ever want to talk because your feeling lonely hit me up on steam @ Vq.| Fluffykins

    I’d like to add that I concept art with Minecraft because I never learned to draw.

  • Wow, love it, you’ve turned me on to a new theme :)!

  • @Fluffykins:

    Wow, love it, you’ve turned me on :)!

    Fixed it for you.

  • I knew I could rely on you <3

  • Yeah you should contact the team working on the WH40K mod. There has been little to no news for about a month now though.

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