Man-At-Arms Dodging with Throwing Knives?

  • [Hi guys!

    First off - thank you for developing one of the best games I think I have ever had the pleasure of playing. I am totally hooked at the moment and love the visceral combat, awesome graphics, sweeping soundtrack and even the player base is friendly and supportive!

    I have a suggestion that I would love to see implemented into the game but no worries if this has already been discussed and decided against!

    A bit of background:

    I think I am the only player I have ever seen who chooses to play ‘Assassin’ on every server I join…

    I choose Man At Arms usually with 1H Axe, Dagger & Throwing Knives. I LOVE sneaking around using the crouch key and skillfully using the dagger to destroy the enemy team from the flank/rear.

    I was just wondering if the removal of the one button dodge for the Man At Arms when Throwing Knives equipped was a deliberate design decision or if you have just not had time to implement it yet?

    Dagger really is my weapon of choice but I have found the Throwing Knives to be a valuable tool as well. Thing is, surely if the Man At Arms can dodge with other heavier weapons equipped would it not be reasonable to incorporate it with the Throwing Knives?

    One of my largest frustrations is that the game regularly gets ‘locked’ on throwing knives and I cannot switch back to my other weapons. This has cost me many deaths and I am pretty sure the bug happens after I have had to ‘feint’ on the Throwing Knives. Might be worth a look?

    Was just wondering what you guys think about adding the one button dodge to Throwing Knives?

    Would it imbalance the game or could it be put in at a later date?

    Would love to hear your thoughts!



  • I always love to see enthusiastic players^^

    I think they intended it to be this way, because otherwise…

    -Maa would be able to “kite” enemies while throwing knifes at them, which atm no class can.
    -Maa would dominate archers in mid range as he could just range attack them back, while dodging their shots which leaves archers almost no chance in this fight.
    -Maa would become able to shotgun enemies, dodge in-> throw -> dodge out in time to avoid the hit.

    Also I don’t feel like maa is “underpowered” in any way, just hard to play, so I don’t see any real need to improve his abilities. Getting “locked” is something all classes suffer, epsecially archers. It is intended to be hard changing your weapon last second, but I think it’s definetly a bit too hard because it glitches sometimes and should be fixed - not improved.
    That’s just my personal opinion and I hope you stick to maa^^

  • [Hey man

    Thanks for the reply.

    I totally get what you are saying - could the overall damage of the throwing knives potentially be adjusted JUST for the Man At Arms?

    I feel very strongly that the one button dodge should work with the Throwing Knives having pumped a good 30 hours of playtime.

    What say you lads?


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