Why no shooting mid->full during draw with traditional bows?

  • Is it me, or is it crazy we cant shoot arrows mid draw with the bows?

    it can be balanced by severely affecting accuracy, power, and range.

    also cancel mid draw?

    also kick with bow as last ditch attempt when a player runs at you with weapon??

  • I don’t think shooting mid draw would work:
    if it where to weak noone would use it, if it where a fair balance It could turn a longbow into a shortbow interms of damage and range if canceled at the right time or a warbow into a longbow, maybe making the shortbow used even less than it is now, sure you will still have less ammo but in a lot of cases ammo isn’t really short.

  • There are other factors to consider to. Short bows draw much faster than war bows and arrows wouldn’t be dead center of a shot like the bows at full draw which balance long range combat. it would give archers a fighting chance in short range encounters.

  • No for kicking. You’ve had enough time to kill them as they’re rushing to you from 20 metres away. You could also draw out a dagger. I know where you’re coming from, but no it would be too overpowering.

  • Because it wouldn’t pierce through thick armor.

  • ok. i see where you guys are coming from. thanks for your input!

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