Final kill of Round Kill cam

  • This game features enough awesome brutal shots that I would love to see an End of the Round Killcam.

    I would hate -i see this implemented in every death.

  • Maybe end of round…But this isn’t COD.

  • @Elessar2880:

    this isn’t COD.

    Yeah, gooby pls dnt try and make Chivalry into a generic piece of crap EA/Infinity Ward/Activision COD-franchise nightmare!

  • Except CoD had kill cams before it was a bad game, so that argument doesn’t really work.

    I think it would be entirely appropriate, then again, if you’re not already flying around in spec following that last fight as it breaks out, you’re doing it wrong!

  • Okay first of all, it was way before shitty versions of COD that kill cam was introduced

    B. Just because a feature is neat and a great idea, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be implemented or holds less water to do so.

    Trippley, this mechanic is to sure the gruesomeness of the game…not to mimic the first thing that comes to your head.

    Adding a killcam won’t turn this game into a shitty spawn system with perks attachments and horrible hit boxes.

    It will only add, not take away.

  • I agree with the idea…I know its been implemented in COD, but I dont care at all, I never played any COD nor do I care about the franchise. I simply think it would be fun to see the last few swings of a round from the killer’s perspective or his last projectile. Its a special moment after all and deserves to be shown for us to see the most epic there could be out there.

  • There is a big difference between a killcam and a killcam for the final kill, the later is something I would love to see rather than it all freezing like it is now. Naturally only for the kill based wins, not for when the time runs out or objective mode with the exception of sinking the last ship with the balista, and killing the king. It would just add a bit more to see that one kill that ends the match.

    I also don’t think killcams like tf2 are bad, infact they are the only ones I really enjoy because they don’t give to much away.

  • Isn’t the final kill killcam already in the game?

  • The other thing that CoD did right in relation to kill cams was that showing the kill from the other player’s perspective was basically an instant anti-rage measure (for the most part), you got to see exactly how and why you died, whether it was luck or skill, and whatever it was, you could get on with the game. Any time a kill was a bit suspicious you could see from their cam that actually such and such was the reason you got killed. It was actually a great tool to improve your game to the point where generally you could rack up ridiculous scores by playing in ways people didn’t expect.

    Anyway, I talk in the past tense because of course CoD has been run into the ground and doesn’t really bear talking about as a useful reference for any new games, except for how not to dilute a good formula with over the top mechanics.

  • Yes please make a final killcam. Maybe make it show first person and then 3rd person with a 360 degree camera angle. Also add a tad of slowmotion.

    Would indeed beat the current freeze.

  • Why not have killcam for every kill? As long as you can opt out if you so choose (and zoom around the battlefield while you’re waiting to respawn instead of witnessing your death), I don’t see how it can detract from the experience.

  • Cause it would be annoying, lame for clan wars, and keep people from doing the objective

  • i hear COD :?
    where is it?

  • @Elessar2880:

    Maybe end of round…But this isn’t COD.

    This isn’t CoD, but that doesn’t mean good mechanics from that game, and others, can’t be implemented here in a similar way.

  • You can’t argue you wouldn’t want to see someone have their head lopped off or see a traveling bolt from a mile away rock someone :p

  • I think something that would really make the game more enjoyable, at least for me, would be the addition of a killcam. Basically I just want to be able to watch a replay of my death while I’m respawning (like in Call of Duty and other mainstream first person combat games) from the point of view of the person who killed me.

    That is all. Thank you.

  • No. I don’t want killcams, in fact I’d even want them to remove the switch-to-your-killer’s-perspective-after-death. The reason is Archer. Multiple times I had found an excellent sniping spot (for example the hill with the catapult on it as Agatha when Masons are pushing the ram). You get a couple of kills and then you can prepare because the game shows your enemy your location. That’s just stupid.

    And what will happen to the feature that as you die, you’re still looking through your character’s eyes and falling to the ground? After that switching to killcam? I don’t want that, I want to see the battlefield and the massacre around me as I die, not relive the moment of me dying again.

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  • I understand why you wouldn’t want a killcam to reveal the archer’s hiding spot, so just don’t have a killcam for archer kills. Simple. I feel I’d learn a lot if I could watch how my opponent takes me out in melee combat, plus it’s just entertaining.

  • @Sir:

    I understand why you wouldn’t want a killcam to reveal the archer’s hiding spot, so just don’t have a killcam for archer kills. Simple. I feel I’d learn a lot if I could watch how my opponent takes me out in melee combat, plus it’s just entertaining.

    I think instead of killcams, fixing the demo recording option would be better. That way you can review it after the match (won’t be an issue of giving away archer positions).

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