Attack animations still need work

  • Let me just list the things where I think some sort of improvement is needed. You may not agree with some items in the list.

    Stab attack motion is still hard to tell if it has finished the windup or not. There is no ‘end of windup’ moment for stabs compared to overhead and sideswing. Only a few will know what I’m talking about. But this could just be me.

    The opponent’s attack animation on your screen is still very off at times. For example, when enemy parries an attack, and does an immediate combo-overhead, his swing looks insanely fast, but the actual swing is far behind the visual model.

    Overhead swing of 2-hand swords are sometimes skippy and instant. I often see just the beginning of the overhead windup and get hit. No, it’s not the distance or enemy looking down.

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