Is this mod dead?

  • I recently installed this mod again because I wanted to try it again. Anyways, there were literally no servers showing up on the server list. Is that because there’s no servers or because I have a bug or something of the sort?

  • Get Chivalry: Medieval Warfare if you want something that’s alive!

    …as opposed to dead, like your dreams. 8-)

  • I already have it, can’t run it though. :(

  • To answer OP’s question; No, AOC is not dead. I just played yesterday and found 5-6 full servers. Only one was playable for me because of ping issues but it was fun none the less. As to the first response. I own CMW and still enjoy AOC. The maps are great and it does feel quite different. They both are amazing games and i hope both stay alive for a very long time!

    LONG LIVE CHIVALRY! :cheers:

  • Hm, alright. Must be something with my game then. Thanks for the reply. Any idea what’s causing this?

  • This sometimes happens with AoC, and it’s entirely Steam’s fault (as in, it bugs sometimes and you have to refresh blob files on your local PC etc). You should be able to go to View > Servers in Steam and set filter to Age of Chivalry, and that usually always shows the servers, and connect that way.

  • It’s working now, awesome! Thanks for the help everyone.

  • Still a lot of clans who have remained in Age of Chivalry, like TRF I think.h

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