Ingame Chat doesn't work properly

  • Heya, I dont know what happened, but when i started playing and tryed to chat the commandline from the console appeared after pressing the button for the chat on the bottom(usually it should appear on the top lol) and the command says “TeamSay” or “Say”, I can still type messages and press enter, but I cant delete the stuff i typed in, and I cant close the commandline either except by pressing enter.

    here are screenshots:

    do you know how to get rid of them?

    also the buttons has changed, so if i want to talk to the team i have to press the button that is for talking to everyone and the button for talking to all is the one for the teamchat….

    Please Help me :(

  • If restarting the game doesn’t fix it, delete this folder: Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare. It will delete all video settings and custom keybindings too.

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