Renegade Heroes

  • [RH] Renegade Heroes is an old-school DOD clan that transitioned into a TF2, WoW and Guild Wars clan. We’ve been around since ~2003 and pride ourselves on fair, adult admining of our game server(s). We don’t actively recruit but instead offer an ‘application’ process of admission by which a player applies for membership, which is then voted on by our members. Based on the vote, the applicant is either awarded [RH] or urged to stick around a little longer for us to get to know them better. We’ve found this approach to create a very cool cameraderie over the years among members.

    At a guess we’re about 40-50 members strong, with ~7-10 members currently playing Chivalry on our server. We also have a few TF2 server regulars playing on our Chivalry server. We don’t give a rat’s ass about skill although on the whole we have some very talented players. We strive to create a gaming enviroment that keeps players coming back: absolutely no racism/derogatory language, gratuitous profanity is kept under control if there are kids playing, and the focus is on teamwork. Basically, we crack beers and enjoy ourselves amongst friends while gaming.

    Our server is based on the West Coast (CA). Add as a favorite and come on in to enjoy some Medieval Warfare!

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