MaA and the dodge mechanic

  • Hi guys, I’ve got a question that hopefully somebody can clarify about the dodge mechanic. Specifically, what factors determine how far you move when you dodge?

    I’ve noticed that in my games, I’ll try to dodge backwards to avoid somebody’s incoming blow, I won’t actually move anywhere, and then I promptly get killed. After experimenting a bit, I’ve found that dodging while swinging, or while winding up, gives you a significantly reduced dodge distance for the same amount of stamina. I tested this on a created game with 0 bots, so it can’t be due to lag: dodge around the place to get a feel for the distance you travel, and then dodge while mid-swing or during windup (I’ve found that starting a slash and then immediately dodging forwards gives me good reproducibility.) You’ll dodge only a fraction of how far you dodge while idle. Furthremore, the distance you dodge doesn’t seem to be consistent. Some dodges go farther than others, but they all fall far short of an idle dodge.

    So, my questions are: is this intended? and if so, are there any other factors that dictate how far you move while dodging?

  • It does feel a bit wonky, but you can get past a lot of the issues once you practice with it a bit. I believe the decreased dodge distance after being hit is intended, as it does make a bit of sense. Not 100% on that though so don’t quote me :P

    The “attack while dodging” mechanic is a tricky one and it took me a while to figure out how to use it properly. What I have found works best is executing both the dodge and the attack at the exact same time. Initially, I was attacking and then dodging forward, so the completion of my swing would land just as I closed the distance. Unfortunately, this never worked correctly and it always appeared as if I was traveling half, or less, of the total dodge distance.

    You can also try pressing dodge a split second before the attack. The problem only seems to happen when I try to attack first and then dodge.

  • I think you aren’t supposed to be able to attack and then dodge during. Client side seems to try to do it anyway but server says no.

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