How to see FPS?

  • Frame Per Second one not the other FPS :)

    tried some commands on console didnt work
    anyone know the command?

  • “stat fps”

  • I don’t know if stat fps works for everyone or all servers though. I know it doesn’t work for me. So I just use to monitor my fps.

  • +1 for Fraps. Or MSI Afterburner if you want to monitor temps as well.

  • Stat FPS “Should” work, as it’s an Unreal Engine thing.

    Odd that it may not work on all servers, as it’s a client-side operation and servers should have no control over it’s use…… and why it won’t work for some people, but does for others is also confusing.

    Are there different versions of the game depending on where in the world you live?

    Keep note: Fraps works, but it’s one more program running in the background while you play and if you’re recording, your FPS can drop to around half your normal FPS.

  • I always use stat fps and never had issues with it

  • F10 shows FPS

  • @Slaughtervomit:

    F10 shows FPS


  • I use fraps, but only occasionally; once you get a feel for how badly you lag in certain situations, you don’t really need to have it running anymore.

    For me it’s mostly a matter of how many people are in the room and on the screen at the time. I get about 30 frames in a 1v1 duel, and I’ve been down to as little as 2 to 3 fps in some truly huge brawls, which is completely unplayable. Generally I get somewhere in the teens in most battles, which certainly makes things tricky, but I get by and will even top the charts every now and then (depending on how much my team sucks, heh).

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