4 questions about the archer class.

  • 1. How do you switch to melee mode from throwing with those dart things?

    2. Can you not zoom in with the crossbow?

    3. How can I cancel an arrow shot? Seems the only way now is to wait till you are deemed to have held it too long.

    4. Are the lighter faster bow/crossbow inferior? It seems with the uncertain nature of putting a hit on your target, you would want to maximize the damage of your hits.

  • 1: Use your mouse wheel to strike with the javelin. Forward to stab, backwards to hit with your shield.

    2: I believe the default zoom button for the crossbow is Alt.

    3: Press Q.

    4: The light crossbow is rather bad at the moment, yes. The normal crossbow is the go to weapon of the crossbows. The heavy crossbow did get better after the patch, but it still lacks the one-hit-kill on knights if you hit them in the head, something it really needs to make it par with the default crossbow.

  • Thanks.

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