• First: Are map makers going to be able to build traps in this game, such as pungi spike pits, boulder drops, flamethrowing walls, arrow shooting walls + pressure plates and such?

    Second: Have Caltrops been given to archers in the past? Because i could imagine archers being given a few of those foot spikes would definitely give them an advantage… although i fear they might give them too much of an advantage over all other melee based classes.

  • I am totally against giving any advantage to those cowardly archers. They’re fast and have advantage of range, that should be enough. In fact, Imho their shoots should be not so precise as in AoC (it was discussed earlier).

    As for traps - devs must say, but for me there could be some, but i will prefer real - life ones, such as tar poured down onto attackers of the walls or ground covered with some easy to incinerate substance, so ie archer with flaming arrows, or pot could lighten it up.

  • It’s the Unreal engine. A map can have whatever you want it to have.

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