• I’m curious as to which maps will be remade, i know I’ve seen Battlefield and Stones hill in some of the videos so I’m wondering if any other classic maps such as Dark forest, Sorrow, Invasion, The Shore, or Monastery will be remade by you guys or will it be up to the community to make them? I do understand that Helms Deep can’t be remade by you because of legal issues so that one will be up to us. Also, do you think you could release the development kit for the game slightly prior to the release so mappers could get a head start?

    I love you Tibbs, you will always be my moth man <3

  • We do have a Dark Forest in the works. :) <– You can pretty much already be doing your own level design and making your own maps. We’re currently on the December 2011 version. As we get closer to release we’ll iron out the details on making your own maps for CMW a bit more.

  • fail post !

    wrong thread !

  • Colosseum should be added as a special map . Used only for special events , clan wars and playable for players that have specific amount of experience . Place where CMW legends will be made (read : official ladder where clans fight for ultimate price - item or something ) . It would give every novice player some goal in the game , something worth fighting and skilled players non stop challenge .

    …just a suggestion :P

  • I always liked the idea of a map that was an arena style map but scripted for dueling.

    At the beginning of the map it would randomly pair everyone 2v2 and as people got eliminated move the losers to a viewing area and the winners would keep dueling until only two left and when one was left standing the map would end.

  • That would be awesome on a scripted level. It can also be achieved on a local level too.

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