End round map voting

  • Instead of having set rotations on a map, it might be a good idea to have a random list of maps presented to players within a few minutes of starting a match, so they can choose the next map/game mode to be played.

  • Then there would be a map that only a few people like, and it would never get voted. It should at least be randomised rather than a set schedule of maps.

  • I would love to see map voting at the end of round, or rather the option for servers to enable it.

    The way that I have seen it work is that you see a list of maps, tiled with a icon, you click the icon of the map you want, after a 5 seconds the two with the most votes get highlighted and you select the one you want out of those two. the previous map will never be in the list.
    However since chivalry has quite little maps maybe this whole map voting thing won’t really work unless you do it map+gamemode, naturally servers can exclude gamemodes but still.

  • To prevent certain maps from constantly being picked, they get ignored for a few rounds after being played. That just helps to ensure that all maps get a fair shake, bit that the maps the people are enjoying still come up a bit more frequently to keep the server populated. I’ve noticed on my server that when LTS maps come up, some people will leave, especially if the server is full.

    (I’ve tried taking LTS maps out of the map list but they seem to keep going back in the list on a server restart, made a post about that elsewhere)

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