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    Ok so any public FFA game is littered with LMB mashing helicopter vanguards/knights. LMB is waaaaay too rewarding for…well…everyone… The power of a LMB slash should be like cut down at least 25% to promote more difficult attack styles like overhead and stab (ones you actually have to aim…sorta :P) Maybe take away LMB mashing combos and force use of scroll wheel to do the follow-up combo attack.

    Basically what I am getting at here is that spamming shouldn’t be rewarded, the more difficult to land types of attacks should be rewarded…

    Get better at defending it. ;)

    This. I love spammers, especially with two-handers. So easy to kill droves of them.

  • Roflcopters and lolarchers! Easy Peasy to beat ;)

  • When they are your enemy yes, if they are your ally on the other hand…

    But really maybe a bit of extra stamina drain for those very long slashes on a 2 handed weapon when it misses and not being able to make those swings on 0 stamina could prevent it from being the ruling tactic among noobs.

  • Basically what I am getting at here is that spamming shouldn’t be rewarded, the more difficult to land types of attacks should be rewarded…

    Blocking swings isn’t all that hard and - if your enemies know what they’re doing - it’ll leave you open for the incoming attack if you’re fighting in the middle of a crowd. If someone is using swings exclusively they’ll be completely unprepared for different types of attacks (like overhead or push) combined with good foot-work is giving you advantage over them. Killing friendlies in combat is also bad for the team as it’s less people closer to the objective.

  • Dat friendly fire vanguard swingers… im raging man…

  • FFA is meant to be non-stop madness and is probably the only game mode where I don’t mind folks spamming LMB. In any other situation, it’s not all that hard to defend against/counter.

  • @Yuru:

    Dat friendly fire vanguard swingers… im raging man…

    Back off and let them run in first ;)

  • Back off and let them run in first ;)

    This is the master plan BUT those clever meatballs will sooner or later see you contesting a honorful one on one, sprint jump into your back to help you out and leftclick the buttocks out of your armor!

  • I’d like to know, how damage is calculated for each person hit with one of those horizontal slashes, that go through several units, killing everything in front of you in a 180degrees arch - friend or foe alike.
    My suggestion would be, your slash should get caught in/at the first person you hit, like it does, when it is blocked. I totally love the follow through motion, that slices through your enemy with a crunchy sound, but at least damage should only be dealt to the first person you hit.
    Also, I’d like to have the possiblity to choose the direction of the LMB slashes, either from the right or from the left (currently you have to combo and miss the first swing to make a left-to-right attack)

  • Easy to defend against them, step back take a swing and you’ll possibly hit them if you time it well, Doesn’t need to be nerfed in my opinion.

  • I wonder what the outcome would be if the original primary attack would either be a stab or a overhead, would people go to the forums and cry about the “Stab spammer” or the “overhead maniac”.

    True its an move that is used by many unexperienced players, as they have not properly learned yet how to use far more useful moves for each situation, though with that being said, I do not think that the Slash attack should somehow be marked as a “Noob move”, its a move just like the overhead and slash, with the exception that its one of the easiest blows to land on your opponent with most accuracy, but also the easiest blow to notice and counter before it stroke lands on you. A free for all is a fast phased gamemode, which means there will always be people desperate to get kills as fast as possible, thus they all seem to use the same move, because its the most rewarding one in a match where you oppose everyone. Might be a very irritating problem, but nerfing it would just ruin a lot.

    In clan wars, there are barely any slashes performed around teammates, unless its done by an professional, however we don’t tend to use that much because of the fact that it has a high risk of hitting your own teammate, and we don’t play with the 50% half-reduction on team damage, any mistake done to your teammates are vital. IF you really find this slash spam a problem, then I suggest you either to change gamemode, or begin to train hard how to block & counter slashes.

    I hear ducking is very effective, try to do that a few times and you will see how easy you can get under your opponents swing then counter, IF you are slow to counter and gets hit with a combo-swing, then its something YOU do wrong with the timming, therefore you should practice then, just saying.

    However, slash is no problem in chivalry, They deal less damage, but have more accuracy. What if everyone would overhead spam? or stab?

  • @wildwulfy:

    I wonder what the outcome would be if the original primary attack would either be a stab or a overhead, would people go to the forums and cry about the “Stab spammer” or the “overhead maniac”.

    I already get called a stab spammer. Can’t win :jsmirk:

  • I’m just throwing it out there that I feel like the damage compared to say overhead attacks is too high. I’m not saying I have trouble defending against it (except of course from behind or with fists), what I am getting at is that the actual damage from a helicopter combo in a group of people is way too rewarding and overheads and stabs should be much more rewarding for being a more difficult attack style. I’m not trying to say “spam overheads/stabs”, I’m trying to say “stop LMB spam, it’s annoying and stupid.”

    I had an idea of maybe making combos require scroll wheel to use instead of only LMB making it possible… For instance a combo would require LMB, scroll up/down, LMB in order to actually get an additional swing.

  • I don’t think there is any move who is more rewarding than the other one, unless for the exception of certain weapons being swing, pierce or blunt based. However, each attack style has their advantages and aswell disadvantages, IF you learn how to out-weigh all of these factors, then you will become a quite skilled fighter, knowing how to use your attacks well. The attack I use the most is the overhead attack because I can either accelerate it for more speed, or de-accelerate it for more range. You CAN do the same with swings, but its a bit harder to perfom. With overhead you also deal more damage, so in a fight where you fight with overhead against and slasher, he might need three hits or more to down you, and you might only need two, so if you both traded hits, he would die first. Stab is also an quite useful move, it has most reach and are sometimes hard to detect, can sometimes catch someone off-guard, and they have least chance of actually accidently hitting one of your teammates, or is just everything I’m saying here just random facts that are not based upon experience from both Age of Chivalry and Chivalry : Medieval Warfare.

    I promise you, with a little bit of training, you guys who think Slash attacks are overpowered will change your opinions.

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