Steam achievments

  • why is chiv not listed @ for its steam achievments ?

    AOC is listed however Chivalry is not, why ?

  • can any dev answer this please ?

  • It’s a minor oversight, but you can still see the global achievements here:

  • thats great, although as im sure you must be aware, they are not working correctly, im personally at level 31 and have yet to see any achievments for progressing in level such as the level 5 or level 10 and 20 achievments.

    If the game is going to incorperate achievments, the player base wishes them to work as intended.

    as you can see from your global link the minascule percentage that has level 5 and level 20 is utterly low and wrong since the many hundreds of players have surpassed these.

    Reach level 5
    Gather enough points to reach level 5
    Reach level 10
    Gather enough points to reach level 10
    Reach level 20
    Gather enough points to reach level 20

    theres something very wrong with these percentages.

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