AoC closes after intro

  • every time i load up AoC it closes after the intro, i have -novid, -sw, and -noborder all on, i’ve alo deleted the config folder and reinstalled the game.

  • What do you mean by intro, the video or the menu screen? If it is happening after the video then there is something messed up in your aoc settings cfg file not the config folder, probably in your graphic settings. Post up your aoc cfg file and that may help

  • i believe it’s a bug with windowed mode as when i switched back to my regular monitor, which has the resolution of the game when it loads up, the glitch went away.

  • Perhaps the monitor/tv cannot handle the resolution or hertz

  • i switched from a 1280x1024 LCD monitor to a 1280x720 widescreen monitor, I’m thinking that when it tried to scale in windowed mode from 1280x1024 to the widescreen something didn’t like it :( but now i know how to fix the problem :) just don’t start in windowed mode unless i have it set to the proper resolution.

  • Oh I’ve had this trouble. Just press ESC. That for sure, and I think you can press Enter as well. Just avoid clicking with the mouse.

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