Server wont start

  • Hello! So i installed the dediserver today and read about configuring it etc. Now when I got it starting after installin vcredist, dotnetfx etc software, it just gives me a black window and I cannot find it from the serverlist. What could be the problem?

  • Try running UDKLogging.exe, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\chivalry_ded_server\Binaries\Win32 with the same target options set in the shortcut’s properties.

    The .exe you are using shows a black box by default, whereas the UDKLogging.exe will display what’s going on and allow you to view it’s processes.

  • Thanks for reply. I did that and it seems that there is some problems.

  • I suspect network problems. Are you running a software firewall (like windows firewall) or behind a router? Disable your firewall and plug your PC directly to your internet modem, then try to running the server again. I have problems even though I forwarded the right ports to my server machine.

    It takes about 10 minutes for it to show up on steam.

  • Yeah, I’ve got windows fw on. But I cant close it because the machine will get infected in 10minutes?

  • Binding to port 7777 failed. What OS are you using?

  • Windows server 2008

  • In your firewall, you need to open port 7777 both inbound and outbound TCP & UDP.

  • Its opened in both router and windows.

  • Hmm, since you’re behind a router, try removing -multihome +IP from the startup line.

  • Oh that did it. Thank you :)

  • Ok, the server is up and running… 24 players server uses ~70% of CPU and there is some spare memory left also, 100/100mbit connection and it seems that for some users the server lags little bit? :o Also when the server is full the pings are rising from 20-30 to 60? :D and still taskmanager shows that the server isn’t really using much.
    The server is getting this random error also, is that normal behaviour or ?

    Also second problem that I noticed, anybody else having display drivers stopped working with ATI cards and this game?


    Server ms seems to be around 40-70, that might be doing the lagging?

  • Yeah, the reason you can’t use multihome behind a router is because the router essentially takes on your public IP address and assigns every machine behind it a different IP address, then routes traffic to each system based on the IP assigned.

    The errors are ‘normal’ and won’t cause any issues.

    Ping raises when more people join a server because things still need optimizing.

  • [Engine.Engine]
    ;If the server is starting to take too long to do each frame, this will automatically tradeoff increased network use for decreased CPU use (the effect will be reversed if server performance improves)

    ;A more aggressive way of decreasing CPU use; sort of like having the Auto Adjust always going at medium strength. Can combine with the above setting.

    ;Even more aggressive. Can also combine with bAllowRelevancyAutoAdjust, but this is almost at full strength on its own. This includes bNoComplexPawnRelevancy, there’s no need to combine both.

    Would these settings make any real difference? I’ve got the bandwitdh so?

    Also there was some talking about the routers that changing router could help ?

  • Better to keep them false if the CPU can handle it. Increased bandwidth can result in higher pings.

    You don’t need to change the router, that’s only really if your router cannot handle the excess amounts of queries and ends up crashing, causing you to lose your whole Internet connection until it restarts.

  • Ok, thank you for your help. The server has been running hot since mid day, full all the time :)

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