SEA Region

  • Hi, great game been playing it non-stop until recently.

    I know our player base in the SEA region is small but our 2 main servers are really really poor. We’ve got people mostly from the same region with differing pings ranging from as low as 20 - 400.

    At first i thought it was the players that were connecting from too great of distance but i’ve come to experience the same problem. When i first started the game, was getting a smooth low ping of 50 but recently its been jacked up to 150 - 200 ping. I know this can’t be my broadband because i have absolutely no problems with other online games and steam games.

    I notice this happens on the server quite often, there was a period where everyone had 150-200 pings while some players had low pings of 50 only.

    Can’t you guys give a restart or do some server maintenance? It’s really annoying playing with such crappy pings with a reaction base game, worst part is when you “dodge” a swing and you still get hit because the server is just a lagfest.

  • Hello,

    Which servers are you referring to? There are… many.


  • From what i know, there are 3 - 4 servers for the SEA region. 2 official servers, one with 24players and another 32 players.
    And another 2 more non-official servers frosty’s murderworld 42players and frosty’s murderclub 32 players i think.

    Frosty’s servers have always had the lowest pings 50 but now they’ve gone offline and havent been up since.

    The official 24 player server has been offline for a few days and there’s only the official 32 player server left, that server is a total lagfest, i mean the server is right in Singapore and im living in Malaysia the neighboring country but im getting 150 ping while i can get 200-250 ping to AUS and EUR and WEST US servers.

    I know im not the only one, mostly only the people living in SG do not seem affected by the problem, everyone else in region connecting to the server seems to be lagging.

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