Help, unable to connect to own server.

  • Everytime I try to connect to my server, it says “can’t connect to server because your missing downloadable content” or something like that. I searched a lot about this issue and they said the solution was verifying the game integrity, I did that, the game was ok, nothing was missing and the problem was still there. But I tried verifying the server tool, and i noticed each time i ran the dedicated server application and then verified the integrity of it, it would fail, always. So, does anyone have a solution? I’ve searched a lot the web without an answer, thanks.

    PS: Well it seems like an update is just happening, guess they updated the server client before the client.

  • I still need help with this, my dedicated server’s files are always failing to verify when i check :(

  • You need to run the update command. Do you run the server locally on your machine, or do you use a 3rd party server host, if so, who?

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