Improvements of the KOTH game mode

  • From now on in the King of the Hill game mode, in order to get his flag on the edge of the pole and win points, the players of each team will have to stand in front of the pole, press Use and wait until the flag is up. The character model of the player who pressed Use will be pulling the string while the flag is moving up. There can be only one player in each team doing it. So the rest of the team needs to defend their teammate pulling the string. It will work exactly like the Battering Ram smashing the Castle door in StoneVillage.

    If the two teams are trying to get their flag on the top at the same time, the two flags are blocked until one of them is killed or just leave it. And in that case, even if they’re making an Action, the red player and the blue player pulling the string aren’t doing anything to the flags.

    Flag process :

    Everytime a flag is being taken up, the enemy flag is automatically being taken down until it cannot move down anymore. The Action of getting the flag on the edge also contains ‘getting the enemy flag down’. Which means if the flag is already on the top, but the enemy flag not completely down, the player can keep pulling the string until the enemy flag is completely down.

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