CRPG bringing back those hardcore fans?

  • Dear Chivalry community

    As i like to bring an idea into the community, i would first like to ask you guys if this is a stupid idea or not.

    I have been playing c-RPG on mount & blade warband for a long time, of course i am nothing compared to those veterans who are actively playing out there. I have a lot of friends playing there and the thing is, i want them to play this instead of c-rpg. Is there anything to open that closed community? Don’t get me wrong, i love the mechanics, gore, every graphical aspect on this game MORE than mount & blade.

    What thinking is, why not create something to bring those hardcore fans to chivalry? like c-RPG?
    Am i being stupid or is this just maybe a worthwhile question?

    Thank you for your time

    Sincerely Mao-Ming

  • As long as it doesn’t involve more unlocking/RPG mechanics sure.

  • why should it?

    awesome idea tbh. just needs something different then a map litered with castles.
    its always been my dream to play a “realistic combat/ economy/ medieval warfare game”


  • I agree wholeheartedly. A mod (or perhaps even an official game update) that recreates the authentic roleplaying experience of Warband’s cRPG would bring a lot of the old community to this relatively new game. The more the merrier, I say, and I hope that Torn Banner considers implementing a system like this to better their game :)

    Yours truly,
    ~Sq Moshi

  • Totally agree. cRPG already did such a good job on M&B. I want the same here… Well actually I want the vanilla game to be like it.

  • Good to know that i have some positive feedback, now i hope the admins will take a look at least.

    Just for the info, i don’t think making an extra mod like cRPG will be a nice idea, since that’ll leave the ffa and Team objective etc… to waste or deserted…

    Hope the devs are giving a good thought for this!


  • Maybe as a mod or separate gamemode, but the vanilla game should stay as it is. New players shouldn’t be forced to get sand kicked in their faces by those who have 1000+ hours of game time.

  • I see something like this as a mod, rather than an addition to the original game.

    But the modders would have to deal with a game designed with classes in mind, as opposed to a game designed as an rpg that just didnt carry the rpg elements to multiplayer.

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