New League announcements!

  • Season 2 is right around the corner! If you haven’t joined a team, what are you waiting for?

    Today we are proud to announce the official Chivalry League website!

    Special thanks to Stabby with team Medieval Mayhem for donating his time and energy into creating and managing the site!

    This season we are adding two new maps to the league map list, Overlook and King of the Fort! Unlike the rest of the maps these two maps will consist of a single round. The winner of the duel still picks which side their team will start on. The winner of the single round wins the match!

    The new schedule for season 2 has been made and we are proud to announce the opening matches!

    Notice the times for the matches is still 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time. The one exception this season will be matches with the Royal Knights. They are the first non-North American based team to join the league. Since we are primarily NA based we’ve made a compromise. Firstly, all scrims will take place on NA servers. Secondly, all scrims against RK will take place at 3:00pm EST. Thanks for being understanding guys and lets make this season a success!

    Week 1 Sunday 29 April, 2012

    03:00 PM EST RK | Royal Knights vs ||MM|| Medieval Mayhem
    Map: Battlegrounds

    09:00 PM EST Vq.| Vanquish vs -???- Kings of Chivalry
    Map: Darkforest

    09:00 PM EST |???| Killers In Lethal Alliance vs -KoTrT- Knights of the Round Table
    Map: Helms Deep

    Click the following link(s) to see the full season 2 schedule! … n-calendar

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