A couple UI/Camera suggestions

  • Hia! I think it would be super awesome if we had the following functionalities at our disposal:

    -Have the ability to view the scoreboard before joining a team. Usually when you join a server, you are prompted to pick a team, and while clicking ‘Return’ removes that menu you can’t press TAB to view the current score. Oftentimes my team selection is based on who’s winning/losing, or on which team my friend is currently on.

    -Have keyboard shortcuts to pick team/class/equip. It would really make it feel like I could get into the game fast .

    -The camera control after death is pretty clunky. The usual camera can hit some weird collision and make it difficult to navigate. Additionally, the chase camera is way too rigid (and you can’t toggle it off :() It would be amazing if the camera schema was similar to that of Counter Strike’s: Free cam (no clipping, but the one now is fine as it is), chase cam (with 360 orbit control would be pretty nice, and would loosen the vision up as opposed to its orientation suddenly adjusting all the time), and first person cam (my personal favorite, I get to see the action like they do, and I get to learn new strategies from skilled players).

    -Chase camera displays floating weapons when the player you’re observing switches weapons

    Apologies if these have already been suggested. Great game you guys have made, cheers!

  • @Leojin:

    Oftentimes my team selection is based on who’s winning/losing

    And that’s why it’s good that you can’t see the scoreboard.

  • @afiNity:


    Oftentimes my team selection is based on who’s winning/losing

    And that’s why it’s good that you can’t see the scoreboard.

    Could you please elaborate on this? In a casual setting, I would join a losing team to see if I could make the game a little closer and/or last longer. I mean, you can join a team, and then flip before you spawn anyway. I don’t see how making the scoreboard more convenient to see is a con.

  • I think that it would be nice to see who is on each team before you join, but I don’t think that it should show you who is winning and who is losing. While some will be noble and try to even the odds, I believe that many would simply join the winning team.

  • Yeah i must admit back in call of duty games, i would join the winning side, mostly… so showing the score board, should not matter, the information you need really is already their, when you join the server, it shows how many players are in, I don’t mind if you want to know which team your friend is on… but you can’t pick a team based on it’s score you pick a team based on balance.

    This is very effective, because it eliminates pub stompers.

    I have a clan, and it’s no good if my clan shows our tag on MASON order and randoms on the other team.

    so a bit of mix n match is good for all, however i feel they should implement a match making system, perhaps, I find that when i’m on the loosing team, i can see a huge rank difference between the two teams,

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