Hit trading?

  • Has hit trading, or at least flinching, had any changes since the last patch?

    It is not a matter of timing or defense. I play MaA a lot, and my strategy prior to the patch was anticipating my opponent’s swing time. I would guess when the opponent would attack, dart in, and cancel their attack with a quicker one. I was extremely successful with this strategy, and drawn to it because of its realism in combative risk taking.

    However, since the last patch I’ve found that larger 2 handed weapons, take the maul for example, are not stopped by my attack. The flinch mechanic is now false advertisement. Let’s say I’m using a morning star. If I fail to strike a knight before the maul is just coming over his shoulder, I am most likely going to get hit if I am trying a quick counter attack. And, as you know, a maul strike on a MaA can be a death sentence.

    I have adapted, but I am hoping for a fix. I loved this realistic mechanic–of course a stab to the gut or strike to the face would stop a knight from swinging his maul in reality. However, I often find myself killed not because of my error, but because to land a successful blow I must eventually put myself into a hit trade sequence, and as a MaA, I can be one shotted often.

    This issue is especially screwy when facing Vanguards with polearms, i.e. the halberd. Often on my screen I’ll be hitting the vanguard just as they are beginning their overhead, and I will be struck despite landing the blow/often killed with no chance to evade (cannot dodge back fast enough, and a good Vanguard will follow you left or right during the overhead animation.)

  • I haven’t noticed any change to flinch. Flinch only applies if the enemy is idle or winding up an attack, by the way - if his attack is already in release (I.E. he’s already drawn it back and it’s now flying towards you) you can’t cancel it by either flinch or feint.

  • Sounds like a genius idea to leap into the maul once its already past 50% of the animation, considering that the maul is only like 0.3 + slower on wind ups than other weapons, or something. That’s “a lot”. You are still able to flinch someone if you hit them before they pass the wind up time on their strikes, but rememeber that your weapon has a wind up aswell!

    Let’s say that you are using the morning star with slash, for example. And he would use an overhead with his maul.

    Maul’s wind up on overhead is 0.7, and your morning star slash is 0.4, that’s only 0.3 seconds faster, which means that you can’t really just stand infront of him and expect to flinch his attack with fast weapon anytime, gotta time your attacks better.

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