Dark Age Gaming - NA Primitus Tournament Round 1: BoB vs. IL

  • Our first shoutcast of the tournament is up!

    Watch the game here!


    Dark Age Gaming Presents the North American Primitus Tournament
    for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    Gamemode - 5 vs 5 Last Team Standing

    Round 1 - Brotherhood of Bandits versus Immortal Legion

    The first game of the NA Primitus Tournament is up! In this game Brotherhood of Bandits faces off against Immortal Legion to advance to the next round! A good mix of careful slow paced rounds and rapid action mark this match as an exciting view!

    Join us for more exciting matches and tournaments at http://www.darkagegaming.com !

    Main host: Dr.Nick
    Cohosts: Stuart, Stranger

    Apologies for not getting full 1080 resolution on this video. I overlooked something while recording. It will be fixed for the next round of tourny games.

    reddit post here http://www.reddit.com/r/ChivalryGame/co … gaming_na/

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