Missing cool voice acting stuff from age of chivalry

  • Im missing some cool voice acting stuff from age of chivalry:

    Mason Knight
    [All Clear] The cursed took tail and Run!
    [Attack]There Skins for the curing barrels!
    [Volley] Batter them with arrows!
    [Volley] Put them full with holes!
    [Attack] Bring me their heads (already included but should be said worse like in age of chivalry)
    [Incoming] Finally the fight comes to us

    Man at arms
    [Taunt] All this killing and I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet
    [Taunt] Is that chain mail… of are you wearing a skirt

    Henchmen laughter [Yes! hahaha]

    Added in new voice stuff I made up this morning:

    Real bad stuff more likely for mason:
    -This oil pol will give a healthy glow on your face
    -By the end of this day the vultures will be feasting on your corpse
    -The only reason you still be standing after this fight is impaled on a pike
    -Your handsome face surely makes a good first impression stitched on my shield
    -I shall bade in your blood
    -I shall repair the scratches you made on my pants with the leather made of your skin, once im done with you
    -Your suffering has just begun
    -The hounds are anxious for some new bones to play with, I wont disappoint them

    likely for Agatha:
    -Whats the matter? Cant stand the stain of your own blood?
    -What are you going to do with that weapon? Tickle me?
    -This is the part where you say for the order and I stick my blade in your face
    -The traitorous masons shall pay once and for all for deifying our lands
    -Prepare to meet your maker
    -The only thing you masons are good for is for fertilizing my crops field with your rotten corpses
    -I shall smite you down as the vermin you are

    Hope this stuff gets fixed anytime.

    keep up the good work and thanks for this brilliant game

    Greetings from an age of chivalry veteran ;)

  • Most Favorite and wanted one

    Too Big Sword?

  • @Cheesus:

    Most Favorite and wanted one

    Too Big Sword?

    Teehee, the classic!

  • Our numbers diminish! Retreat!

  • All AOC voice acting should be included!

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