I dnt know if it's anything new but..

  • People are starting to get some really DODGY, kills, i wont mention the players name, i reckon their a decent player, but today has shown differently, I noticed, that this guy does not miss with his Arrows…

    I saw 2 Arrows shot at me, both of which flown miles away from me, i can see it hitting the wall behind me i was like HAHAH yeah… 1 second later i get HIT ? their is nothing hitting me no other archers, it was as if, he would miss and shoot near and i would still get hit, when you do get hit by an archer you can see it coming, not this time i saw it swoop to my left many times, and i would get hit regardless EVERY TIME, the last shot, i wasn’t in view !! but as i said shoot near me it hist me anyways, I really do honestly believe some people have modified or ‘’ hacked ‘’ some aspects of the game.

    In this particular game, an individual voted a KICK, on this player, because he/she suspected what i also suspected.

    Arrows missing and player taking damage.

    This needs to be dealt with quick, before people get really put off.

    You can argue maybe it’s lag, no i was on 48 ping, and the player in question, was under 100 also…

    No lag. perfect game, dodgy player.

    Oh also, his first shot bounced off the wall and curved… ? is that Normal or a bug ?

  • It’s not a hack; I’ve noticed this for several weeks now and so have others when we were practicing with ranged weapons. They frequently go through you (hitting a wall behind you if there is one), and then after a delay of approx 1-2 seconds, damage is then dealt. We notice it on the RK server where we all have 30-50 ping too.

  • I’ve noticed it in first person a lot. An arrow will whiz by my head (I physically flinch in real life lol) and then a second later… HEADSHOT. Just when I thought that I dodged a bullet… :(

  • this might not directly be your problem, but I feel like the 1stP cam is lower than your head. Arrows that will perfectly hit you to the face will be displayed as if they flew right above your head. Especially headshots seem to be delayed and hit some time after they passed your view, so perhaps the cam might actually be infront of your head too.

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