KILL THEM ALL: League team profile: Royal Knights

  • Team Name: Royal Knights

    Your Name/ Rank:
    Blaine, Founder & Team Leader

    When was your team formed?
    The Royal Knights as a clan first began on the 13th August 2009 under the name ‘Knights of Valor’, but later switched to its current name on the 6th April 2010.

    How did your team begin?
    Our team was formed on a public server I was hosting. Myself, Ghost, Eagle and Shadow initially founded the clan and we built up from scratch since then. We began to play competitively one month after we formed the clan and won our first few matches.

    How long has your team been playing Age of Chivalry?
    A few members of our team including myself have been playing for 5 years to this date and have banded together for close to 3 years. All of our members have at least 1 year of experience in Age of Chivalry.

    Does your team have it’s own server?
    RK | Royal Knights Guild Server | FF | UKGame AoC IP:


    How many members do you have?
    We currently have 20 active members, with a number of others who will be rejoining us for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

    What is the age range of your team members?
    The age range goes from 15 to 25, with the majority of members being 18+.

    Who are the leaders of your team?
    The Royal Knights Council is our joint leadership. The Council consists of myself, Dussan, Lakritz, Thorbjorn & Wolfy.

    Do you have any team ranks?
    We have three basic ranks in the clan: council members, members, and apprentices. Apprentices are players we take under our banner that we feel have the potential to become great players, with a bit of guidance and tuition.

    Do you have captains/officers?
    Whilst not currently in action, we have had, and will again have in CMW, Captains who lead up to 7 members/apprentices. The purpose of these groups is to promote in-house competition as well as provide a first point of contact and tutoring (if required) for these members.

    Does your team stand for anything?
    When people think of the Royal Knights, we would like to hope they see us as a friendly, respected and helpful clan. We stand for:

    • A role model for other clans
    • A friendly clan towards anyone and everyone
    • Casual and competitive play
    • Dedicated to AoC/CMW and will help keep the community active

    How would you best describe your team?
    Simply, a group of friends fighting together for good fun. Wins are a bonus. We thoroughly enjoy the competitive play and have a large number of wins under our belt. We’re happy to play anyone.

    What do you think about the Age of Chivalry league?
    Although we’re entering this particular league with a ping disadvantage, we’re here to have fun, and we’ll definitely put up a good fight!

    Is there anything your team is looking forward to the most this season?
    Seeing how well we can do against the NA teams despite the disadvantage.

    What is your teams best map?
    Monastery is a clan favourite, along with Invasion. We love to speed run them!

    What would you say is your teams biggest strength?
    Almost everyone in our team has played together for a very long time and knows everyone elses playstyle and capabilities, this allows us to quickly put together teams or strike teams on a whim and makes tactics for competitive play far easier. Our wealth of experience and knowledge of all maps helps a great deal too.

    Which team do you think is your biggest competition and why?
    It’s difficult to say; we have only faced Vanquish and Knights of the Round Table twice in our history and we currently stand at 1-1 with both clans. Whilst Vanquish took the most victories in Season 1, we have yet to see KoTrT in action since their return.

    Are you recruiting?
    In Age of Chivalry we are currently an invite only clan and always keep a look out for skilled players. We are opening recruitment for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and would love to take on a number of new members, including North American players and potentially even set up a NA team.

    What kind of players does your team look for?
    We look for active players who show potential and have a passion for the game. Outside of the game, we are also a close-knit group of friends that plays a number of other games together.

    Does your team plan to play competitively in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?
    Like Age of Chivalry, we will have a dedicated competitive play team, along with casual members. Those who wish to play competitively can do so.

    What are you looking forward to the most in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?
    Cutting off Satoshi’s head, arms and legs, over and over, or is it the huge array of weapons there will be, or the much improved faster combat system, or the much larger community… I haven’t decided yet!

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