Periodic client-side only teleportation

  • Ever since the “big update” (and even after the Dec. 5th hotfix update) I’ve been periodically teleporting. For the record I’m a level 29, I have all the veteran helmets, and played successfully for many hours previous to this patch with no game-breaking issues whatsoever.

    I asked people in chat if they could see me teleporting; they said no.

    Here is a timeline:

    1. Join any official server, choose class and spawn into game. I’ve confirmed that the game mode does not matter, team does not matter, class does not matter (applies to all)

    2. Start playing as normal

    3. Every 30-90 seconds or so, my character is teleported to a random location in the map, sometimes very far away from the previous location, even in the middle of a fight or mid-swing, while sprinting or walking, or jumping, or in the air. The new location appears to be different each time (unpredictable)

    4. 0.5 seconds or so later, I am teleported back to where I was, doing whatever I was doing, with no apparent loss of state; if I was in mid-swing, I might have completed the swing or I might still be in the middle of it. However, any hits that would have connected while I was elsewhere will have missed; worse, though, is that any hits on me can connect always.

    5. Repeat #3 indefinitely

    It might be possible that this is some kind of de-synchronization issue, but as I stated above I was able to play previously with no problems and nothing about my general internet service quality has changed in the interim.

  • Does it only happen on official servers? How are your pings?

  • I only play on official servers, but I can now say it happens the same regardless of server.

    My pings are stable, I monitored it during several of these events and no apparent change. One server for instance showed up in the server browser as 42. I joined and it stayed at a very stable 60-80 the whole game; the changes in ping did not correspond to teleportation events at all.

    I can also say for sure that it is not an issue with packetloss. If it was packetloss, I wouldn’t be able to see other players moving about smoothly (they would probably “glide”, “freeze” or “continue last action”, based on the packetloss behaviors of other multiplayer games I’ve observed). Instead, during a teleportation event, the other players I can see at the new location are moving about & yelling as normal, I can even hear the VOIP sounds as normal. It seems to me if it was extreme and temporary packetloss one or more of these things would not be true.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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