Vital improvement for archery

  • Anyone else hate the archery animation for drawing a bow? The way he uses his fingers without even tensing makes the bowstring seem like a weak rubber band - an archer should have to apply effort to fully draw his bow and there should be a sound added to accompany this too. I feel this would give archery a more ‘meaty’ feel as if there was actual force and weight behind each shot rather than pinging twigs at each other (which is what it feels like now).

    Also why does the character appear to pull back the string in one fluid effortless motion? As you pull the bowstring back further the tension in the string increases therefore in reality it gets harder the further you pull it back.
    If this mechanic of needing to wait longer for more power would improve the game in my opinion as to be able to achieve the max damage with a bow it seems fair that you should also leave yourself vulnerable for slightly longer than if you were to just pull it back half wait to ping it at your opponent.

  • sounds good.

    also have stamina drain if you keep it drawn.

    and possibly the longer you draw the bow the better the rmb view zoom.

    just another though. why do archers get auto reload. yes it is faster than reloading a crossbow but they should still have to tap reload, no?

    perhaps manual reload, the anim is faster. then when you lmb you can fire slightly faster than if you didnt manual reload.

    so choice 1 is - lmb reload and fire. (slower as it includes a reload)
    and 2 is - lmb to fire. choose to manual reload. lmb to fire (faster as you can pre reload AND reload is slightly faster)

    i.e. lmb, r, lmb, r, lmb has faster rate of fire than lmb, lmb,lmb

  • I agree with you on the stamina drain which could be extended to the crosshair widening if you hold an arrow too long and I also agree a slight zoom would be good when drawing although it would have to be very slight as to not make it op.

    Not sure about manual reloading though. Might be ok but you might lose some of the fluidity. Also would pressing lmb to load an arrow mean players could run around with an arrow already loaded? Not sure if that would work balance wise tbh but could work.

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